Type 1 Diabetes Was A Death Sentence Before Insulin

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Sir Frederick Banting, the scientist who co-discovered insulin as a treatment for diabetes, is being celebrated by Google on what would have been his 125th birthday. The Canadian scientist, along with his colleague Dr Charles Best, spent years experimenting with ways to extract insulin from the pancreas, which had previously been thought to be an impossible task. In 1921, […]

Lupin Seed Extract To Regulate Blood Glucose Levels


Curtin University researchers say they are close to developing a food supplement which could prove more potent than some pharmaceutical drugs in tackling diabetes. Research team leader Professor Philip Newsholme said lupin seed extract was being used in laboratory trials to regulate blood glucose levels. He said research had shown broken down lupin seed could […]

An Extremely Simple Diet May Be Able To Reverse The Effects Of Diabetes


Diabetes affects almost 10 percent of the American population (29.1 million people) according to the American Diabetes Association. As such, any news indicating that there is a possible cure is good news. Scientists at the University of Southern California have indicated that an extremely simple diet may, in fact, be able to reverse the effects […]

‘Sitting Less’ Program For Better Blood Sugar Control


For people with type 2 diabetes, better blood sugar control may be as easy as getting up off the couch and standing every so often, or taking a leisurely walk, a new study shows. Dutch researchers noted that “moderate to vigorous” exercise is often recommended for people with diabetes — but most patients don’t comply […]

Add These Foods In Diet To Keep Blood Sugar In Check


Add these foods in your diet and live a happy and healthy life. “Diabetes is when your blood sugar or glucose levels are higher than normal. It’s carbohydrate foods like breads, cereals, rice, pasta, fruits, milk, and desserts that can cause this rise,” says Maggie Powers, PhD, president-elect of Health Care & Education at the […]

Diabetes Do Have History


Diabetes has been with us for a long time. Here’s diabetes history in a convenient timeline. 1552 BC – Written on a 3rd Dynasty Egyptian papyrus, physician Hesy-Ra mentions frequent urination as a symptom. This is the earliest known record of diabetes. 1500 BC — Ancient Hindu writings note that ants are attracted to the […]

A Robot With Diabetes To Help Children Manage Diabetes


Robin, short for “Robot Infant”, is being developed at the University of Hertfordshire and can speak words including “hungry” and “hug me”. Developers said it was aimed at children aged seven to 12 to help youngsters learning to manage diabetes. Diabetes UK said it had “been watching the development of Robin with great interest”. “It’s […]